lose weight, look great, and feel amazing
without restrictive dieting or extreme workouts!
This 28 Day At-Home Fitness Challenge is designed for people just like you who are sick of the restrictive weight loss gimmicks that make you gain the weight right back and leave you stranded and stuck. Get ready for the L8R Lifestyle transformation!
Over 1,600 people have already transformed their lives through this workout challenge.
Are You Ready To Be Next?
Melinda and Her Son transformed, so can you.

This Challenge Is For You If...

  • You’ve tried to lose weight in the past but hated the restriction involved with diets
  • You regained weight you lost from a previous diet...
  • You are ready for a solution that is sustainable and LASTS

why this challenge is different from everything else

We use our 20 years of fitness nutrition experience to give you proven nutrition guidance so you stop sabotaging your success which helps you keep the weight off AND boost your immunity.
We teach you simple ways to make this a lifestyle so you live fit and healthy which means you maintain a fit body and feel amazing.
Other fitness programs don't have this.
There's no need to work out all day. Our convenient app gives you the exact workouts to do each day which removes the guesswork and mistakes. This means you do the most effective workout in less time.
* Results are not guaranteed and your results may vary.

how this 28 day challenge works


After you reserve your spot in the challenge, Follow the instructions in the email to download our Workout App, join our Facebook Community, and access your Nutrition Guide.


Each day you'll get a notification with what to do that day, making it super easy to stay on track and plan your day. We've literally provided the map that's proven to work and all you have to do is follow along each day.  Couldn't be simpler! 


Once a week during this challenge, you'll join our group online Q&A session along with other challengers, where founder Jeff Later will answer your questions, provide clarity on how to get the most from this challenge, and motivate the hell out of you!



($199 Value)
Who says eating healthy had to be bland, boring, & overly restrictive?! This guide shows you the foods that accelerate weight loss and are still enjoyable to eat. You're not stuck with the same foods every day, you'll have plenty of options to choose from, and in the right portions. 

NO magic pills or shakes needed. We show you how REAL food leads to REAL results.

Your nutrition is key to results and our expert nutrition guidance is what separates this challenge from the rest! (sorry, no Vegan options)


EDUCATIONAL COURSES Create the lifestyle
($399 VALUE)
Usually found in courses to educate other coaches, this is unprecedented. To truly make health and fitness a part of your life permanently, you need to UNDERSTAND the why behind the what. We don’t want you to blindly follow a plan forever, that won't last.

We want you to learn and grow and empower you with the tools to make this a lifestyle that lasts. We have courses on Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements, Habits, and a bonus course on basic fat loss.


L8R mobile app Workouts
($299 Value)
Get fat torching workouts that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. You'll get fast and efficient workouts that can be done in under 30 minutes, complete with video examples and detailed instructions.

Yes, you can build muscle at home, and yes you will enhance loss as you burn a bunch of calories with these specialized and fun workouts. We also share valuable tips and motivation through the app!


private facebook group access
($299 VALUE)
Join a group of your peers all working together towards the same thing. Get support & accountability and share your progress as well as get inspired by the progress of others.  It's the only place on social media you should spend time. It's full of positivity!

Share recipes, share your workouts, share your experiences, and work together towards living a fit and healthy lifestyle. In a world of self-isolation, we all need family and a feeling of togetherness. You'll find exactly that in this Facebook group.

Bonus 1

($59 Value)
Success is the result of small things done repeatedly. Losing weight and getting fit is all about habits and consistency. We've created a cool guide that will help you stay on track and stay consistent.

This tool has been huge for so many members in their health and fitness journey!

Bonus 2

Supplement guide
($59 Value)
Supplement guides! Yes, plural! We’re going to give you the same supplement guide we give our coaching clients, that contains the essential vitamins and minerals you need to fill in your micronutrient gaps.

This answers your questions about what supplements to start with and which will improve the specific results you're looking for.

Bonus 3

($79 VALUE)
We are including a specially made Immune Boosting Supplement Guide, recently created to protect you against the COVID-19 pandemic. Your immune system is so important right now.

This guide contains helpful tips with general health, but also identifies key vitamins and minerals, with specific links, that may help enhance immune system function.

Bonus 4

Get your questions answered from one the leaders in fitness and nutrition coaching, Jeff Later. He is the man behind L8R Lifestyle and has led thousands to their best health.

Once a week during this challenge, you'll be participating in a group online Q&A session along with other challengers, where Jeff will answer your questions, provide clarity on how to get the most from this challenge, and motivate the hell out of you!


NOW JUST $147 $47

(for a limited time only)
Next Challenge Begins August 31, 2020

Registration Opens August 14, 2020

The fitness & nutrition industry is a big lie. Crazy dieting protocols are sensationalized by clever marketers, with no interest in actually helping you.

Weight loss can be achieved by nearly any of these "solutions", but then quickly regained. Leaving you worse off than before you started.  

We all eventually discover this, but not before we get duped into trying one of these restrictive diets. The frustration builds and leads many to simple accept defeat and stop trying. 

The fad diets need to stop. The challenges with a prize, emphasizing fast weight loss, encouraging even more restriction and extremes, need to go away...completely!

My focus is health. Health that is achievable and sustainable. This means understanding nutrition, forming healthy habits, and finding something you can stick to forever. As impossible as this may sound, I'm here to prove you that it's completely attainable. 

This challenge will get you started.  Our L8R family will take you in and show you the way to get and stay fit forever. The way it should be.

Join me.

- Jeff Later
Founder L8R Lifestyle


That Cares About You & Your Success

Having a coach in your corner is the best possible approach to getting healthy and fit.
Ready to take back your health?
We’ve got your back!

Jeff Later, a fitness and nutrition expert, coach for over 15 years, IFBB pro, and founder of L8R Lifestyle, is a leader in the fitness and nutrition world. Jeff has coached thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, to their best health.

Based on his expertise, reputation, and knowledge, he has been sought after by individuals all over the world. He is contacted by large supplement corporations to design fitness programs and dietary products to be sold globally. He has competed in over 40 competitions and earned is IFBB pro status in 2018, something very few ever achieve.

He has a passion for helping others, for spreading the truth of health and fitness, and making a positive impact on the world. His coaching program has helped thousands transform their lives for the better, including a specialty among the more challenging cases. Just try to stump him!

Bottom line, we care about you and helping you transform!




To Take Your Life Back...

Expert instruction without the gimmicks,
without the BS, without the restriction.
Real food, real support, real knowledge,
real transformation

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